GDI: Intro to Salesforce – Resources

Hello Everyone!

I hope all is well and that you are continuing your path down various trails within Trailhead. As promised, I have created a resource documentation with all sorts of great information links to some fabulous site.

Note: I opted to post publicly on my website, so all who are looking for help can use these resources too. There is no discriminating on help from me and I plan to update whenever I discover new ones.

As always, keep blazing your Trails!

Websites & Blogs:

Salesforce Success Community:

To login to Success Community, go to select ‘Log In’ and use your Trailhead Account login to create a new Salesforce Community profile.

Once you are logged in, navigate to Collaboration. Once you have selected Collaboration, select Groups in the sidebar panel on your left.

List of Groups to Join:

  • Getting Started
  • GDI / Salesforce Students
  • Chicago User Group
  • Women in Tech Chicago User Group
  • *Release Readiness & Feature Adoption*

After you have joined any or all groups (preferably all), feel free to post whatever question or thought comes across your mind. People are very friendly in the community and usually someone will reply. There is no limit to the number of groups you join.

You may at mention (@Rebe etc) me in any of the above groups as well as follow or message me in the community and I will respond as quickly as is possible for me.

I will continue to document resources here and share a link via our Meetup group.


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