My Hot Week: The MVP Announcement

Congratulations! You were awarded the Salesforce MVP Award or as I like to think of it as ‘Most Varied Possibilities Award’. The possibilities available are endless and for the most part they are based upon what you have decided to do with those possibilities.

For me, I think of it as a platform for me to help pull-up as many people as I can to the platform I have worked very hard to reach.

Almost two weeks ago I received an email giving me the news that I was awarded the Salesforce MVP. I have been feeling the need to write about this moment in time or as the ancient philosophical scholars call the ‘kairos’ of an event.

At first it was an exuberant feeling. A moment of wonder and excitement, but then I began to wonder about the specifics. What exactly does this mean for me, for my voice and for my professional career? Did they make a mistake? Do I really deserve this award? I do what I can and learn what I can, but I am not an expert. Will they expect me to be an expert? Do they realize I removed my filters and words come straight from my brain to my mouth?

I know you might wonder, “What just happened?” Have you noticed the downward spiral into self-doubt and my own internal speculations on some well-known impostor syndrome symptoms. The social media glow (as someone aptly put it) began to wain, while my own insecurities began to increase.

Thank goodness I have my #SalesforceOhana.

Immediately, the kudos and well wishes began to arrive via my various social networks. My gratitude for all of the support I have received since I have joined this community has no words that can clearly express my feelings.

The Salesforce ecosystem is hot right now. With announcement after announcement of Salesforce acquiring one tech firm after another, as well as partnerships a plenty, how can people in the tech world think this platform is not on the top five list of tech things to learn if you want a job in upcoming years?

What makes this ecosystem very special to me is the fact that you are welcome despite your background, your race, your education, how you look, how you dress or even how you talk. There is acceptance and support.

People outside of the ecosystem looking in think we are a cult, but what type of cult will text you encouraging words when your world is falling apart? What type of cult will stay up late and talk to you on the phone when you are feeling down? What type of cult pumps out positive reinforcing energy on Twitter when you are in the middle of a project nightmare?

Well…there are plenty out there, but that is not the point. The point is I found a group of people and continue to meet more people who even if they don’t get me will get me and that is pretty amazing.

So as for my hot week, I can only hope I can keep this momentum going and spread it to those who need or want to do something with their lives that could potentially impact others.

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