Welcome to my site! It has evolved over the years in conjunction with my life and career. I started this site with a motivation to be me despite the world trying to make me be something else. Somehow I have succeeded. With each year I get a little older and more appreciative of who I have become as a person.

I am an active Salesforcian within the Salesforce ecosystem. A Salesforce Consultant in the Chicago area for a really great firm, one of the Salesforce Chicago Suburban User group leaders, a mom, a newly minted 2017 Salesforce MVP, a writer, a speaker, a developing administrator, a GDI instructor and a co-founder of a non-profit organization called PepUp Tech.

Want to know more details and don’t have time to read? Feel free to listen to a podcast interview I did with the Salesforce Admin Evangelist team, Mike Gerholdt & Gillian Bruce, available here on the Salesforce Admins website.

Feel free to follow my blog for my latest posts on anything from Salesforce to stories I have tapped from my own experiences throughout my life.

Thank you for reading my words and enjoy!