Midway near University of Chicago

Midway near University of Chicago

I began this site six years ago with the intent to write about something, but I just couldn’t figure it out.

Today is the day I continue my writing journey, so thank you for joining me on this adventure and I hope you enjoy my posts!

4 thoughts on “Welcome

    • Hi Justin –

      I work for a consulting firm in Chicago. My firm and my Salesforce ecosystem work keep me pretty busy. Were you looking for a consultant or implementation specialist? We can take this off my public site. Just let me know.

      Thanks! Rebe

  1. Hi Rebe,
    I heard your inspiring story in Button click admin podcast and I am inspired. I am also a firm believer in giving back to the society and would like to volunteer my teaching services to the deserving kids. Could you let me know how i can help the kids who need help?

    • Hi Buyan –

      Thank you so much for listening to my story via the ButtonClick admin podcast. I am humbled that I inspired you. As for helping kids who need help. I began reaching out to my local community services by going to my state and city websites to search for local organizations. After generating the list, I began to email and call these organizations to find out how I can help as well as where I can help. Nobody replied or answered my calls.

      It was by happenstance that my user group co-leader signed us up through an organization she worked with before, Chicago Cares, and we were able to spend a day painting a classroom. Quickly following that event, I saw a call to action for teaching assistants through the Girl Develop It – Chicago branch. I volunteered and it felt really good.

      Now I am working with others to start our own non-profit. I am in the very early stages of planning, but as for how can you start helping others? I’ve learned from my own failed attempts that sometimes the people you are looking to help are in your own backyard. I went too far when I should have focused nearby. I would recommend reaching out to your local community/school district/community college or even nearby user group. After my failed attempt, I started talking to my user group friends about how I wanted to help and that was all I needed to do instead of attempting on my own.

      Buyan I have seen you in the Success community and I remember your help in the higher education group. Make a post there first. It’s something you can start right now. I would also reach out on LinkedIn to local groups. There are opportunities close to us that we are unaware of because we limit ourselves.

      Keep me posted on your success and your failures, you never know how our paths may intertwine!

      Thank you again for your support, for listening and for reaching out!


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