The Definition of a Role

Einstein’s theory of general relativity postulates that the laws of physics are the same for all non-accelerating observers, and that the speed of light in a vacuum was independent of the motion of all observers.

I know some people are thinking, “Well what the heck does that mean?” Others are wondering, “What point are you going to pull from Einstein that has to deal with a ‘role’?”

To give Einstein’s theory a better explanation, the most famous example is the man on the train platform. Einstein figured that a man standing on a platform watching a train go by follows the same rules of physics as the train speeding by at a fast speed. He figured one was in a different plane of existence than the other, but they were both connected by that moment.

I studied both ancient greek rhetoric and the theories of physics. To me, they both are connected. The kairos or moment of time that cannot be measured is the equivalent to the causal plane of connection that Einstein theorized as relativity.

With these heavy ideologies in mind, let’s bring it into the context of our daily lives.

Think of a classic time-card punch clock as a reference for time. You know the ones you put a time card in and it stamps or punches the time into a card. Now think of that moment when the stamp captures time and companies place dollar value as well as penalties upon that stamp. The context in which we place this image of time gives the moment its kairos or defines its role in a situation.

We often take on jobs that are time stamps in the timeline of our lives. Some and most have titles, but it is what we bring to the role that truly gives it the kairos or definition. So often people let this momentary stamp in the timeline of their lives define them, which leaves them feeling empty and without purpose. It is because they have become trapped in a causal plane of their own making. The role defined you instead of you defining the role and now you feel stuck in an unhappy limbo.

I too sat situated on a platform watching all of the trains go by with people moving within each train. Never truly understanding my own yearning to seek escape from a limbo I had created for myself. All too often I would take a job and let the job craft who I was as a person, not realizing that sub-consciously I was unhappy.

Although I both understand and recognize how easy it is to allow a job role to shape me, I still find myself getting caught up by allowing the role to drag me along. Heck I’m not even sure if what I just wrote makes sense to anyone, but the point of it all is be you and do you.

Don’t let the world drag you down and don’t let whatever is going on in your life push you into a corner. We always have an option and even as I write this I don’t fully practice this in my everyday life.

So make sure you recognize your role in your life. Are you trapped in a limbo of the causal plane watching both life pass you by on a fast track, while apart of you is stuck in the past? Due to my affinity for slang, I shall say the following:

Unstick yo self and be yo self.

Plain and simple.


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