Dreamforce 2015: Dreamboat Check-In


Usually, checking into a hotel requires a confirmation and the collection of a room key. The Dreamboat requires far more than one check-in desk.

First, we were routed to an open warehouse-like area of the port building on the ground level. “Please have your ID and confirmation email ready,” a large group of us were told as we stood in line waiting to check-in.

I provided my confirmation and ID. I received my Dreamforce Badge and was directed towards a trail of others going to the second floor. I’d heard about the long registration lines, but Dreamboat check-in made that badge registration seamless. We snagged our nifty Dreamforce backpacks at the Marriot Marquis later in the day.
Next, I felt as if I were back at the airport except I did Dreamboat 2nd Security Checknot have to take off my shoes and stand with my arms above my head. The security people were really cool throughout the week. I would casually joke with them whenever I beeped and they made me look forward to seeing them, so I could get a good laugh throughout the week. After going through the TSA-like security, I entered a really nicely decorated lounge area; however, I was directed to get in another line to receive my boat pass.

I provided my ID, my confirmation and my credit card to put on file in case I had any room charges or damage on the ship. I received what looked like your standard hotel room key (at least nowadays) and made my way to another line to have my picture taken. At this point I made it a point to let the ladies know, “Can we not do this today? I am not feeling really pretty right now.” We all laughed and I made a final request, “Please don’t DMV me, okay?”

Dreamboat Check-InDreamforce Check-In 2

At this point I began to peruse the layout and decor of this half-reservation desk setup. The second floor lounge was decked out for comfort. It reminded me of some of the popular club venues I attended back when I was younger, but with a bunch of people spread throughout to make sure only people with reservations made it through the doors to the boat.

Dreamboat Port Lounge 1 Dreamboat Port Lounge 3Dreamboat Port Lounge 2 Dreamboat Port Lounge 4

Welcome to The Dreamboat

As we finally made our way through the doors, we walked what I like to call “The Blue Mile.” The ramp from pier to boat deck contributed a good portion of steps to my weekly Fitbit challenge, which on one hand is healthy; however, healthy starts to look annoying and downright exhausting when you have swag in your bag.

Ramp from port to deck
Ramp from pier to deck

After hiking the blue mile, I finally made it to the final check-in point upon the ship itself where my new non-DMV pic popped-up on a screen after my room key was scanned. So for anyone wanting to book a stay on the Dreamboat next year, I have just walked you through the check-in process and given you a look at just the port-side of things. As to what happens next…a warm welcome to the Dreamboat!

SFDC Themed Drink
SFDC Themed Drink

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