Dreamforce 2015: Agenda Builder Go-Live

Traffic_Light_Pic42 days and some change according to the official Salesforce Dreamforce 2015 site. This is all new to me. I’ve never gone to a full out conference and this one takes the cake when it comes to conferences.

Today was A-Day when it comes to this mega conference because the Agenda Builder went live and all hell went loose. If I could be a fly on the inner walls of their server when the website traffic light turned green. Within one hour of the go live, agenda builder was temporarily unavailable.

Lucky for me, I’d already selected all of my Hands on Training [HOT] sessions and number one draft selections. Round two draft selections will be walk-ins, so I don’t go home with overload.

Mind you today is days away from the start of the event and I felt as if I were preparing for a Black Friday shopping special. Instead of flyers, I went through ‘ads’ for sessions. I had a map of the conference campus on one screen, my first round picks on one screen with back-up picks immediately below. I found myself refreshing my agenda continuously for thirty-minutes when all of the sudden my screen changed.

I immediately focused on my selections and was done. My adrenaline rush ended with me stacking my selections in a spreadsheet to share with my colleagues. [I refuse to download Outlook from work on my phone because the company can has the right to send a kill signal that will delete all of my stuff.]

I think I am on a good path forty-two days before my first major conference.

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