Acceptance On Being You

cropped-img_20110818_161059.jpgWhen we first come into the world, we are so focused on learning on how to do the basics that we are not consciously aware of societal norms. There are no restrictions because social constraints are a learned behavior.

My one year old reminded me of this as we continue to restrict her available areas within the house to protect her from getting hurt. When I think about all that goes on in the world today and how different cultures or societies relate to the individual, it just sort of clicked in my head that somewhere down the line many of us become trapped.

We become trapped by the social or cultural barriers taught to us in our environments under the guise of protecting us from getting hurt. Here are a couple of examples to support my thoughts.

Don’t marry outside of the ethnic culture or race because you will be ostracized and hurt. You must pass this test to receive the stamp “You learned it” and move on to the next level.

This initial barrier leads to barriers that we ourselves instinctively create internally. Once you are programmed with the word “can’t” that word will automatically default its way into how you think about yourself. As a child I was free to be me without restriction. As an adult all of the restrictions on the outside have worked their way into how I think of me.

Learn to think like a child without restriction, while acknowledging the barriers that exist on the outside and you will find yourself closer to accept the being that is you.

Be you.

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