Trapped Eyes

I often passed a woman in downtown Boston who sat in the same park with all of her varies bags and belongings spread around her. This poem reflects my thoughts on those who wander the streets with eyes trapped in the cage of their mind.

No one hears
the screams from trapped eyes
where the mind takes over
and controls the outcome.

His eyes called out
asking for help,
but none could find him
behind the schizo’s scythe.

Emotions, thoughts and dreams
were trapped. Looking out through
shifting bars, his eyes where none could evade
society’s judgments were prepaid
with technicality taught at the tips
of scientific study.

Frantic fighting within the self,
his eyes told a story of a war
between mind and thoughts.

Many walk around wearing
badges of sanity,
while wearing ear muffs against
screams from trapped eyes.

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