PepUp Tech: Fundraiser Kickoff New York

We had our first ever fundraiser event and it was my first ever business trip outside of work that was self-funded.

I’ve never taken a business trip with my own money for a cause, but I had this burning need in me to be present at our first ever PepUp Tech fundraiser held in New York. The money raised would help us fund operations for our planned summer camp as well as announce us to the world.

The date was May 4, 2017 and the location was The Cosmopolitan Club in New York city. Our goal was to get 70 people to pay $100 each towards our cause. In the end we had 48 people purchase tickets. The struggle was real, but the support from that small group of people was motivation enough.

Just talking with our first supporters made an impact upon me on the importance of our work. It was invigorating to know that people believed in this big idea turned into small organization.

Belief is a powerful emotion that has built industries, countries and wars as well as destroying the very things it has built. The people in that room with us believed in what we were doing and that hit me like a ton a bricks.

We did not get 70 people to donate and barely had 48. We had sponsors for our event, but it was really hard. As I look back to that small fundraiser and what we have become since then, it is empowering to see an idea blossom as it has over such a short time.

To all of those who were there at the first event and helped make it happen, thank you.


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