Girl Develop It Chicago Trailhead Challenge

Dear Girl Develop It Chicago Salesforce Students!

How are you? I hope all is well and that you have continued to blaze your own trail through Salesforce’s Trailhead application. If you have fallen off of the bandwagon, here is a great motivating challenge to help get you going once again. For those of you who have continued to complete challenges, that is awesome and this motivation will be a boost for you.

As I mentioned in my last update on the Meetup group, I was working on a challenge to serve as both follow-up and motivation.

Let the Girl Develop It Chicago Trailhead Challenge Begin!

The challenge will run for the entire month of May (May 1-May 31)

Drawing and winners will be announced on June 17th

Challenge: How many badges can you complete? How many trails can you complete?

The purpose of this challenge is to maintain the momentum we experienced in the class.

For each badge you receive, when you receive the Congratulations window you must @mention and hashtag the following four tags:


  • @GDIChicago
  • #GDISalesforce
  • @Trailhead


to have your name placed in the raffle for a brand new Trailhead TrailBlazer Hoodie. Each badge will get you 1 entry into the raffle, each trail completed will get you 2 entries into the raffle. I will handout three hoodies to three randomly drawn names pulled from the raffle bag.

To participate in the challenge you must meet the following qualifications:

  • Attended GDI Chicago Intro to Salesforce App Building Class
  • Have a Twitter account

Please feel free to reach out to me via Twitter, Salesforce Success Community or through Meetup if you have any trouble or problems with a badge, Trailhead or any other related questions.

Happy Trails and Good Luck!



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