As I ride the train to work, my train cuts a swath through the south suburbs as well as the south side of Chicago. I witness the transitions between suburban dereliction, urban distraught, urban redevelopment and all of the many possibilities between.

Between the ‘civilization’ of the south suburbs, are some of the most drastic battle scenes between nature and man. Hidden pockets of wheat gold fields that shimmer in the sunlight surrounded by abandoned looking industrial parks filled with rusty byproduct metal bins, trailers, cages and drums.

The industry of decades past trapped within a nature bounded container, only visible to train passengers similar to an amusement park ride through the southern reaches of what some have coined Chicagoland.

I catch brief glimpses of what people think they hide behind the front facade of their homes, into their semi-private backyards displayed before the thousands of commuter rail passengers who happen to look through the window.

I spy a shimmer of sun on water wasted on what looks like an abandoned working factory that sits on the waterside. I imagine what it would be like to have the money to buy such a property and turn it into a residential area with some sort of program to clean the water for recreational use.

Large empty lots where once large project buildings or homes filled with people once stood, now stagnantly waiting for life to once again populate.

Such a waste of land, when so many have no where to stay. It defies logic how I pass so many people without a roof when walking throughout downtown, while in the same day I sit on a train and see so many empty areas waiting for people to populate.

These are my reflections on the things I see and the thoughts I think.

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