Day 1: When Rebe Missed Her Flight

I tell you it is never a dull day when it comes to me. I had a jam packed week full of meetings, last minute tasks and packing for Dreamforce. With everything that was going on, my flight was the last thing on my mind.

That is until I got to O’Hare and the kiosk told me it was too late to check-in to my flight that was leaving in one hour. Shoot, I totally forgot to check-in online before I got to the airport. Well no problem, right? This is why I travel early to avoid stress and havoc when situations like this occur.

Plus, this gave me a chance to test out the new application my colleagues and I installed on our phones to collaborate while at Dreamforce this year. We all installed QUIP a really cool “Living Document” collaboration tool that was introduced to me during the Dreamforce 2016 Keynote Preview focus group I attended last Tuesday in Chicago. I began “quipping” my travels to and around Dreamforce for my colleagues to know what I was up to.

img_20161001_101637I went to the service desk and was given a new flight on standby that did not depart for another three hours. Checked my bag and received my boarding pass.

Well it was a good thing my husband was still nearby, so he picked me up and we went to breakfast. You can never go wrong with Denny’s value slam for $4.

As I look at the plate, I reminisce on how I paid $12 for the same meal in San Francisco last year at Denny’s. I do not live in Kansas, but that is what I was thinking when my colleagues and I went to Denny’s in San Francisco.


I made my way back to the airport to officially begin my journey. Once I completed my travel through the TSA checkpoint, I made my way to gate K20.

This was my Hunger Games: let the Dreamforce Travel Games begin!

I lost the first round, but made a decent recovery for round two.

The flight was completely booked and I was number three in the standby queue on the screen, but somehow numbers 6-9 were given seats and not me. Oh well, no sweat for me because I had the whole day to get on a plane and make my way to San Francisco. So long gate K20 and hello gate K13. Man I was starting to feel like Tom Hanks in The Terminal.

K13 was a winner and I made my way to LAX. On the way to L.A. I scored a seat all the way in the back by the window next to a really cool young man. I wrote about our interaction in my post Paying It Forward to L.A..


I arrived in San Francisco to some very comfy cool looking seats in the airport terminal. After missing my 9:55 a.m. flight, I arrived in San Francisco around 6:30 p.m. I spent a work day making my way through the airport.

Hello San Francisco!





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