Introducing Rebe A. de la Paz

Who is Rebe A. de la Paz you ask?

I will give you an intro first then you can chose which Rebe you would like to know in my “Rebe” series where I have individual posts regarding my various experiences.

For an intro…

I am a woman with a brain that is always thinking. Thinking of tomorrow, thinking of today, thinking of yesterday and thinking of all of the moments in between.

I somehow landed in the tech sector and now I have a fastpass to get on all of the computer programming languages of tomorrow. My gateway tech to this sector is Salesforce.

Tech was not in my original plans. Out of high school I wanted to be doctor. After years working behind the scenes in the tech industry, I changed my mind.

After receiving my Bachelor of Arts in English Writing, I planned to get a job that paid for grad school and supported my family. At some point I would become a publishing faculty member who taught cross-curricular English courses to science/tech majors at a college somewhere in the world. The goal was to offer practical applications of coursework to college students, so they would actually have something of use to take with them when they graduated into the working sector.

It has been my recent goal to try and factor what I learned in college into what I do; hence, I blog. ^_^

My journey to my undergrad degree and this end goal is loaded with several years of working across the New England area as well as a growing family. Somehow I worked full-time in a factory and completed my associates degree, while raising a family. Somehow I worked crazy shifts at a major retail department store and completed three-quarters of a Biology degree as well as full completion of an English degree all while raising a family.

An insane idea to move the family across the country back to my place of origin was implemented all on the minimal salaries of two full-time retail workers. The plan to get a job that paid for me to go to grad school was in place and needed implementation.

It would take hard work, but I had faith I could accomplish this as I had already achieved so much. I took the first step with a low-paying nearby marketing role. The demands were high, the pay and benefits minuscule and the payout for the investment had the potential to be high. I could fill my resume with recent relevant skills and work within the higher education industry, so working towards a grad degree in the education sector would make the road to being a professor smoother.

Well all of my goals fell to shreds when I truly looked at the higher ed industry. I quickly learned I would not be able support my family and stay out of debt. During this realization, I started my journey with Salesforce.

What are my plans now? How do I plan to help people and keep myself out of debt?

Keep reading my “Rebe” series to find out.


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