Tech was an inevitable accident for me.

My journey with tech started in the 80’s when I first learned binary and BASIC on a trash 80 (TRS-80) in a testing lab. I was one of the test subjects in an innovative approach to education called the Pupil Enrichment Program (PEP) that was explored within my school district.

My uncle gave me his Commodore 64 when he upgraded to his Amiga, but I didn’t want to be a programmer. I spent my whole childhood planning to be a doctor, specifically a research doctor who would find all the cures we needed in the hoods I called home.

Full-ride pre-med came and went. Life happened, but computer programming continued a steady drumming in the background of my life as a hobby. Days of Redhat Linux, while working with MIT students in a retail store and debating the pros of the unix system.

Hacking my Mac when I lost my password only to delve deeper into command line. Taking web writing classes as an older undergrad to learn more about this digital world and society into which we transitioned. Plans to be a professor re-routed and tying together previous paths into a journey combining all the passions I enjoy together: learning, teaching, writing, tech, community and giving back.

The culminations of me. Be You and Be Free.