How it all started?

“How Salesforce became my speaking platform…”

It all started with a local meeting of folks who use Salesforce and get together outside of work to talk about Salesforce aka Salesforce User Group Meeting.

I was in my early years of absorbing all things Salesforce as I worked as an admin and wanted to support our org with the most potential available. I introduced something I found in the Salesforce developer website called “Trailhead Beta”. There were three modules at the time and I thought it was pretty cool.

Our Suburban Chicago user group leader, Jen Nelson, asked me to come up and walk the group through Trailhead. I was nervous, I made so many mistakes and we all laughed off my blunders.

I am forever grateful for that moment because it was the first time I felt like someone wanted to hear me speak and I look back to that moment often to remind me that there are others who need that push to get up and speak out. Thank you Jen Nelson for that push.

Stages, Podcasts and Sessions Oh My

I spent time over the past ten years crafting the art of speaker on stages, podcasts and in a couple conference sessions. Within that time I learned that my talents for motivation and inspirational speech are really good for lack of a better phrase.

Feel free to check out my Speaker Bio for links to video and audio footage and if you are interested in having me speak at your event, feel free to contact me below for more information.